1 to 1 Yoga tuition

These sessions are perfect for you if:​

  • You can’t fit a regular yoga studio class into your schedule.

  • You have injuries or illness meaning a class environment doesn’t meet your needs.

  • You want a class tailored to your individual needs. Eg. hip flexibility, improving balance, reducing stress, reducing back pain.

  • You would like to develop a home practice/sequence but don’t know where to start.

  • You want to develop a specific part of your practice that your usual class does not cover in detail. Eg. breathing techniques/pranayama, yoga philosophy, specific asanas (postures) or meditation.

  • You want to nurture your with a one to one restorative yoga session with no distractions.

Benefits of 1 to 1 sessions

  • Learn the basics correctly. 1-2-1’s reduce the stress or intimidation experienced by beginners when attending large group yoga classes for the first time. Private yoga lessons can give you a good foundation necessary to feel comfortable in a group environment.
  • We can work with special health concerns you might have, injuries, or any other limitations you may experience. Working one-on-one you will learn how to adapt certain postures and use modifications for yourself as well as find out if there are specific poses to avoid when in class.
  • Fit in with your life. Private yoga sessions can be fit around your schedule, making it easier not to lose the motivation and hold you accountable to practice and progress.
  • Boost your confidence. I will help you understand the physicality of the poses, and provide modifications/alternative options for you so you get the most out of your yoga practice at all times.
  • Create a home practice. Consistency is key. If we can create a sequence you love that you can practice whenever you want then you’ll be more likely to become absorbed in the benefits of yoga. As time goes on we can add to the sequence and progress with new postures.
  • Develop and learn. 1-to-1’s aren’t just for beginners. If you are an experienced Yogi you can also  benefit from private yoga lessons. If you want to take your practice to the next level, explore areas in more depth or simply like some individual support, we can cover the things that you choose.
  • Learn more in depth about ALL aspects of yoga, not just the asanas (postures). In class you do not often learn about the deeper aspects of yoga, it is more of a physical practice. When you can 1-2-1 sessions each session can be based on a different theme which will deepen your knowledge of yoga.

Interested in a 1-to-1 session?

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