Hi, I'm Rosie

and I’d love to be a part of your yoga journey.
Photo of Rosie taken at her older sister's wedding

I first tried Yoga when I was in junior school.

I was only around 9 or 10 and it was offered as an after school club in our school chapel. My yoga journey properly began when I started Drama School in London, and one of my best friends Ronny introduced me to a free yoga class above an activewear shop – I loved it! I still remember the teacher asking everyone to set their intention for the class, and choose who they were practicing for today. I carried on attending with Ronny every Monday evening and then started to explore other styles that were offered in London, and met some amazing teachers along the way.

My love for the practice grew and I ended up booking a retreat in Portugal. It was total bliss.

We began each day with a walk from our accommodation to the pier overhanging the ocean and practiced vinyasa yoga as the sun was rising. We surfed and spent time at the beach during the day with some amazing Acaí bowls for breakfast, then finished our day with yin yoga on a deck in a beautiful public garden followed by more lovely food sat around a big communal table – the vegetarian bbq was my favourite! (more about the retreat on my blog.)

My practice has been ever evolving throughout the years and a huge breakthrough for me came when a family member sadly passed. This transitioned my practice into a huge healer and break from trauma and grieving in my life which is what set me on the path of teacher training at The House of Yoga in Putney.

My biggest goal with teaching is to help anyone and everyone who comes to class have a momentary break from whatever is going on in their life, to re-connect with themselves and be truly present – amazing things happen when we just BREATHE.

Rosie Parton Yoga

Yoga for me is a way of life.

I try and bring the foundations, guidelines and principles into my every day activities and habits. Your practice is something that can always be constant and evolving in a busy and unpredictable life.

As an Actor it is so important for me that I can always come back to yoga, I can move and flow and get back into the present moment on my mat rather than worrying about the past or what may happen in the future.

My next step is to complete my pregnancy yoga training. I’d love to be able to make yoga more accessible for pregnant women and women with babies. I’d love to be able to create a community amongst mothers and mothers-to-be so they can have their yoga class as their safe haven.

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Having long proven to provide many mental and physical benefits, Yoga is increasingly finding its way into the workplace.