"The secret of your future is hidden in your daily routine"

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Rosie Parton Yoga

I'd love to be a part of your yoga journey.

Whatever your reason for practicing yoga, I’m here to support you.

Everyone comes to yoga with different needs. Physical benefits include improved mobility, flexibility and injury prevention. Mental benefits include improved sleep, improved concentration and reduced stress.

Your practice is something than can always be constant in a busy, unpredictable world – we all know how life can get sometimes.

My biggest goal with teaching is to help people have a momentary break from whatever is going on in their life. To re-connect with themselves and their bodies, practice mindful movement and be truly present – amazing things happen when we just BREATHE.

Rosie Parton Yoga

The Art of Letting Go Retreat, Cotswolds, March 2022

11th-13th March 2022

This retreat is all about a momentary escape to let go of whatever is holding you back. Sometimes we can see letting go as a weakness, but by shifting our perspectives we can approach life differently and learn to go with the flow rather than swimming against it. Letting go is a strength.

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Yoga has many mental and physical benefits that can enhance an athlete’s performance. Yoga can help relieve stress, encourage relaxation, reduce injury, and support healthy sleep patterns.

Yoga is increasingly finding its way into the workplace with benefits such as improved concentration and reduced stress.


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